Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Update: July- Aug

July: My hair regimen consisted of co-washing, bunning, and mini twist. I also did a self trim because my ends were DISGUSTING...My hair is still grazing BSL. I also plan on starting a personal no heat challenge for the rest of the year so about 4-5 months and even then I probably won't straighten my hair until April so lets just say I'm going to go 9 months wit no heat.

Aug: I'm getting senegalese twist which are a GREAT protective style for just about anytime of yr. I plan on keeping them in until about Oct-Nov depending on how they look by then. One of the products that I will use while my hair is in the twist will be Hollywood beauty castor oil** I absolutely love this product it leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Hair Goals:
Full BSL: Nov 2011
MBL or grazing MBL:  Dec 2011
Full MBL: April 2012
NO HEAT untill April 2012
Protective styling  90% of the time

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