Thursday, March 15, 2012

Personal Hair Challenge

On 3/12/12 I decided to start my own personal hair challenge.

I am goin to remain curly for a WHOLE YEAR!!!! I know it sounds like a long time but I have faith I can do it! I will be doing updates every 3 months untill the challenge is up on 3/12/13.  I am doing this to gain thickness, length and most important health! I also want my curl pattern to become more uniform so I think this will help. Now on this challenge I plan on finding the perfect products for me which is going to be a lot of trial and error and money =/
During this challenge I will:
-be taking Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins
-TRYING to drink more water
-co-washing everyother night
-hot oil treatments every 2 weeks
--if i decide to change or add anything it will be in future updates also the products I use and hairstyles will be posted in future updates

Well stay keep reading and stay tuned for updates
dont forget to check out my youtube channel for video updates :http: //
thanx for reading