Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you serious!!!!


I can remember the first day I decided to go natural, that was my families first reaction ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! They couldn't comprehend the thought of me going natural but now everyone adores my hair =)
That was three years ago and now I'm in love with being natural. I kind of went natural by accident but thats another story lol. I have gained so much knowledge and now I am ready to pass it along to other naturals in dire need of help. I have come a long way in these three years and I just want to share my journey with the world =). Lending a helping hand is what Iwant to do, so any advice or tips wanted plz feel free to ask =)

I will also be sharing my thoughts on the LATEST fashion{another passion of mine} beauty{I'm a total girly girl} and music{couldn't live without it}

This is my first blog and I am excited to share my journey as well as other thing

you can also find me on hairlista @ http://www.hairlista.com/profile/NaturalBeauty817

peace ♥ and happiness

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